When you refine byproducts, usually it is bad news. The exception, however, is blackstrap molasses.

This is the product which is obtained when sugarcane has been refined. In the first boiling and mashing of sugarcane, syrup is created, and during the second boiling, molasses is obtained. In the third boiling, blackstrap molasses is obtained.

Molasses are of different kinds.

The light ones are the first boiling of sugar cane. This can either be with sulfur or without. The sulfur dioxide is usually added to preserve this as it is made of young sugar cane. However, as some people could be allergic to sulfur, the sulfur-less extract is preferred. This is made of ripe sugar cane so does not need preservatives, and this is called mild molasses.

The dark molasses is obtained after the second boiling, it is less sweet and used for baking as well as cooking. This is used especially in gingerbread cookies

Blackstrap molasses are the healthiest. These are obtained after boiling sugarcane for the third time. This has nutrients, vitamins and is the least sweet. This has the most copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and various other nutrients.

1-2 tablespoons of this is recommended for those having anemia or deficiencies of magnesium. This is good for those having menstrual problems and those who are pregnant. It helps with skin improvement as well as hair growth.

It helps in digestion as it contains magnesium, calcium as well as manganese. If people are constipated, they get relief when 1-2 tablespoons of this is consumed with warm water. This softens stools too.

It contains copper and that is a vital requirement for hair growth. It reverses graying of hair and can even be used as a nourishing mask for 20 minutes on the hair after diluting it with equal parts of water.

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Fresh herbs are available in farmers’ market and there are also packed ones that are conveniently sold in stores. They are known for their aroma, flavour, and health properties. Even if they can be purchased, it’s still best if you plant them at home and have your own herb garden. Not convinced why you should consider this? Here are some of the reasons on why you may want to start your own herb garden now.

It Will Make You Feel Good

Herbs are known to have medicinal property. Having them in your garden will release their scent that’s enough to soothe you and release your stress. Smelling their scent alone is one way to make you feel good. After a long day, you can go to your garden and feel relaxed with the aroma of your herbal plants.

Add Excitement to Your Menu

Aside from their scent and medicinal properties, herbs are also known for adding taste to various dishes. You don’t have to eat the same boring foods that you’ve been preparing and eating for a long time. You and your family will love the different tastes that these herbs offer. They can bring your foods to the next level.

Instant Source of Fresh Herbs

You will never run out of fresh herbs. If you need them, just go to your garden and they will be readily available. This brings convenience as you don’t have to drive or travel to the market to purchase them. Plus, you can be sure of their freshness since you personally picked them. This brings better taste and aroma to your recipes.

Adds Curb Appeal

The regular flowers and plants are not the only ones that can beautify your garden. Adding some herbal plants, as long as they are taken care of properly can also add to the beauty of your place.

It’s a Money Saver

While it’s true that packed herbs and fresh herbs are available in the market, why would you want to purchase them when you can easily get them in your own garden. The cost that you save will add up in the long run. Plus, you can share them with friends and family members who need them so they too can save some cash.

Grow Other Varieties

There are various types of herbs but many of them may not always be available in the market. You can grow a variety of these herbal plants so you can have your own source in case you need them. You won’t be having troubles finding what you need as you’ll have them at home.

It’s Good for Your Health

Incorporating herbs into your recipes is good for your health. Since they are readily available, it’s more likely that you’ll make use of them.

Just like with your regular garden, one that has herbal plants require proper care and attention. Determine how much sunlight and water the plants need. See the best type of soil to use for each. Invest on a lawnmower (check BestMower for some recommendations) too so you can keep the grass trimmed keeping your garden looking great and well kept.

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You might have heard of research studies revealing how synthetic products containing toxic chemicals have already flooded the market and affected people’s lives. When it comes to effectiveness, perhaps these products are beyond question. The problem comes in when you factor out the side effects on your body.

For instance, if you are using whitening products, you might really see positive changes in just a week or so. This depends on the type of chemicals used in the product. However, there could be long-term effects that may damage your skin. Some products have even been pulled out of the market for they were proven to contain carcinogens.

There are a lot of other products out there that are filled with toxic chemicals, even shaving creams and makeup. The good thing is you no longer have to force yourself to use these products. There are better alternatives available out there.

If you want to reach the same results, switch to organic products. It doesn’t matter even if you use these products on a regular basis. They were made from natural ingredients. It only means that you won’t suffer from long term harm.

Organic products are usually made from plants. The substances found in these plants were combined with other natural substances to produce an effective product.

Several studies have been conducted to harness the benefits coming from these sources. For instance, aloe vera has been found as an effective alternative to commercial shampoo. Citrus fruits may be used as a substitute to the usual toothpaste for teeth whitening.

By switching to these products, you can also see the benefits. It might be a bit delayed compared with the chemical-filled products, but you will get there.

Check the options

There are a lot of authentic stores selling these organic products. Read reviews and find out which of their products are most popular. You can take advantage of these options and give them a try. You may also check out Best Spy for more organic products.

Just be careful in choosing a store, especially online. You might partner with the wrong company. You should also consult your doctor before using these products. You might have allergic reactions to them. Once you are certain that those products are safe for use, nothing should stop you from trying them. You can always go back to your physician if you suffer from an unpleasant experience after using the organic product.

Let others know

Cancer has become a rampant disease in recent years. This is mainly because of our lifestyle. We are too much exposed to chemicals. This is why it is time to switch to organic products. Considering the number of products that were created to remove the use of harmful chemicals, you have a lot of choices.

If you have found one that works for you, tell other people about it. They should also know the benefits of using these products. They might share the same problem as you, and your help could go a long way.  


Shaving has always been an issue among men as soon as they start growing facial hairs. If men don’t shave, they might start looking like a homeless person. If they shave, there might be red spots on the shaved area and they will start to have rashes.

The answer ultimately lies on you. Men have different reactions to the use of razors or trimmers in removing facial hairs. There are also varied preferences when it comes to the kind of look you men would like to have. There are others who want to keep it neat while others want to look a bit scruffy.

If you are still in your teenage years, it is suggested not to shave immediately. You have to wait for a while until your hair thickens. Besides, you are at a point when your facial hair is not yet growing quickly. Once you start feeling uncomfortable and you wish to shave your hair, go ahead and do it. This is true especially if you are already feeling self-conscious.

Frequency of shaving

It is up to you to decide when to shave and how often to do it. Of course, you can’t do it all the time as it could irritate your skin. You should also use a shaving cream to ensure the smooth removal of facial hair. Most guys shave once a week. There are those who do it every other day. As you get older though, you feel less enticed to shave your facial hair. Others even prefer having a longer beard as they look manlier.  

Razor blade versus electric razor

There are pros and cons in both choices. If you prefer a cleaner effect, choose a razor blade. It can cut down to the tip. Electric razors are quite rough around the edges. However, if you want ease of use, choose an electric razor. As for their effects on your skin, it really depends on the person. There are those who are more comfortable with razor blades than electric razors and vice versa. However, if you have the impact on the environment in mind, it is suggested to go for a recyclable razor or an electric razor.

Protect your skin

In order to avoid potential skin infection or irritation, you have to shave in the direction in which your beard grows. It glides more easily and it looks smoother. It also helps avoid irritating your skin. You must also wet your beard with warm water first so it would be easier to cut. Then, use a shaving gel or cream. Gradually apply them on the area you wish to shave until every part is covered. Start on the sides of your face before going to the more sensitive areas.  Your chin and the bottom of the neck should be last. The skin on those areas is quite thin and really sensitive. Once you are done, wash your face with warm water. Don’t apply any other chemicals as your pores are still open at this point. 

You should also take a look at ShaverGuide to make it easier to decide what type of razor to use.

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Store bought cleaners are of various types. They come in various colors and have numerous scents. However, there is one underlying thread to all of them – they are all artificial.

You should stay away from store-bought cleaners for a variety of purposes.

If you have a toddler, you can be sure that he or she will lick the floor at some point in time or the other. They will also definitely pick up stuff from the floor and put it into their mouths. If your floor cleaner is made of chemicals – would you want these chemicals to enter your little one’s system and accidentally poisoning them?

These artificial cleaning agents are more often than not harmful to the environment, and therefore, the planet will thank you for not using them.

These artificial cleaners are more costly than the natural ones, and so if you want to protect your pocket, natural is the way to go.

Natural cleaners can be customized as per your taste and are super easy to make.

A natural cleaner is not hard to make, and it is extremely effective as well. All you need is a teaspoonful of borax, a teaspoon full of liquid castile soap, half a teaspoon of washing soda and essential oils of your choice. You can choose lemon, lavender or even orange.

To make this, you need to put the borax, the soap and the washing powder in a glass spray bottle and add to this two cups of warm water. You can use distilled water for the best effect, but boiled water works just as well. This can be used as a kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, to treat floors or even disinfect toys.

This lasts for at least three months and is very effective. It should, however, be stored in a glass bottle as it could break down the plastic with time.

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Did you know that the very air you breathe may be harming you?

Even indoor air even though you do not realize it needs cleaning as there are toxins floating all around. This is due to the industrial pollutants, the fumes from vehicles, the herbicides, and pesticides as well as so many other things too. The main culprits for destroying the quality of air indoors are:

· Cleaning products such as fabric softeners, laundry detergents, and chemicals that are in the same vein,

· Chemical flame retardants which are present in mattresses, furniture and even in children’s PJs,

· Formaldehyde, which is there in garbage bags, gas stoves, tissues, paper towels and even carpet backing and fabrics similar to it,

· Various fragrances,

· Toxins carried indoors or blown indoors from the outdoors,

· Electromagnetic frequencies from various devices.

There is a best way to circumvent the problems associated with impure indoor air. Houseplants should be cultivated to purify the air indoors. The most effective are:

1. Bamboo Palm: These remove chemical contaminants including benzene and formaldehyde and keep the air moist.

2. Rubber Plants: These remove formaldehyde effectively and grow easily, as well as have a lovely appearance.

3. English Ivy: This removes formaldehyde. However, this climbs and spreads over surfaces.

4. Boston Fern: This not only adds humidity to the air indoors but it removes pollutants as well. It, however, requires frequent misting and watering.

5. Dwarf Date Palm: This is effective at removing xylene and other pollutants especially those which can be found in paint thinner and solvents. It keeps the air moist as well.

6. Tulips: These look good and keep the air pure as well. They are effective for xylene, ammonia, and formaldehyde too.

7. Azaleas not only bloom and beautify the place but they also clean the air efficiently as well.

8. Orchids too are good at removing acetone, chloroform, alcohol and formaldehyde from the air.

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People are showing a great deal of interest in exotic dishes!

Kimchi is a dish famous in Korea, and it consists of fermented garlic, cabbage, chili peppers, spices, and scallions. This has spicy, salty and sour flavors. Kimchi, however, is not of a single type but there are more than 300 different kinds of kimchi which can be made and based on the primary vegetable as well as the season in which it is made and the region, it differs to quite an extent. In Korea, it is almost considered as the national dish and it is eaten with all meals.

Kimchi and fermented foods similar to it is very beneficial for your health and well-being. This is especially useful for a healthy gut. Not only do fermented foods help in physical health but it also affects one’s emotional health and mental health as well.

Fermented foods are foods which have gone through Lacto-fermentation. During this process of fermentation, the natural bacteria which feed on the starch and the sugar in the food and create lactic acid are employed. This also preserves the food, and it creates vitamins B, probiotic strains and omega three fatty acids as well as various enzymes which are beneficial.

Fermented foods such as Kimchi which is enjoyed in Korea is not the only such food. There is the Curtido which is famous in El Salvador which is famous as also the German Sauerkraut as well as Indian Lassi. All these fermented food recipes have come down from ancient times.

When these foods are consumed, the overall health of the person is better. This was realized, and so astronauts even took this into space as part of research which was done to achieve kimchi which could be bacteria-free even after cosmic radiation exposure was subject to it and yet it could be fit for consumption.