It is not necessary to wash the hair daily. In fact, when you wash your hair daily with harsh shampoos, the hair gets stripped off the natural oils, and it becomes drier as well as it gets more prone to breaking. The hair needs natural oils which are needed to keep the hair and scalp moisturized. Therefore, the hair should not be washed daily, but a dry shampoo could be used.

A dry shampoo puts substances which are oil absorbing on the hair so that the oily parts lose some of the excess oil. This is great when you do not have the time to wash the hair, and it is good for styling of the hair too. This helps people who have very fine hair and where the hair does not stay in any style. For this cornstarch or arrowroot can be applied to the hair using a makeup bush and then the powder needs to be combed through the hair, This is less messy than a wet shampoo and still as effective.

All you need is a cup of warm water, a quarter cup each of arrowroot and witch hazel as well as essential oils and a spray bottle. All this are to be mixed well and then applied.