Cotton swabs usually carry a warning which states that when these penetrate the ear canal, there is a possibility of injury which can be sustained. This only goes to prove that not only audiologists, doctors and hearing professionals, but also the manufacturers consider this to be unsafe. Cotton swabs should never be used to clean ears for the following reasons:

Earwax is needed as it consists of secretions and dead skin cells, alcohols, cholesterol, fatty acids, squalene as well as an antibacterial enzyme lysozyme. This protects the ear rather than being an unhygienic nuisance. The earwax is constantly being produced, and this should be in the ear unless of course there is a blockage. If there is not enough of this ear wax, the ears feel dry and itchy. The wax provides lubrication and protection against germs, bacteria as well as dust from entering the ear and damaging it. It also protects the skin from water irritation and also repels insects.

Ear wax removal by swabs or probing devices can damage the ear due to the impact and trauma and could result in temporary deafness. This also pushes the wax further into the ear canal. Sometimes people traumatize the canal so much that they cause scratches or bleeding and this causes bacterial infections.

Earwax gets removed naturally when a person eats, yawns as well as talks. Due to these movements, the wax is moved to the external ear, and all that is needed is a washcloth to clean the external ear.

You should not remove the ear wax unless you find one or more of these symptoms such as an earache, partial loss of hearing, ringing in the ears, and a sensation of fullness in the ears, odor, itching or discharge from the ears. For anything else, it should never be cleaned.