When you refine byproducts, usually it is bad news. The exception, however, is blackstrap molasses.

This is the product which is obtained when sugarcane has been refined. In the first boiling and mashing of sugarcane, syrup is created, and during the second boiling, molasses is obtained. In the third boiling, blackstrap molasses is obtained.

Molasses are of different kinds.

The light ones are the first boiling of sugar cane. This can either be with sulfur or without. The sulfur dioxide is usually added to preserve this as it is made of young sugar cane. However, as some people could be allergic to sulfur, the sulfur-less extract is preferred. This is made of ripe sugar cane so does not need preservatives, and this is called mild molasses.

The dark molasses is obtained after the second boiling, it is less sweet and used for baking as well as cooking. This is used especially in gingerbread cookies

Blackstrap molasses are the healthiest. These are obtained after boiling sugarcane for the third time. This has nutrients, vitamins and is the least sweet. This has the most copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and various other nutrients.

1-2 tablespoons of this is recommended for those having anemia or deficiencies of magnesium. This is good for those having menstrual problems and those who are pregnant. It helps with skin improvement as well as hair growth.

It helps in digestion as it contains magnesium, calcium as well as manganese. If people are constipated, they get relief when 1-2 tablespoons of this is consumed with warm water. This softens stools too.

It contains copper and that is a vital requirement for hair growth. It reverses graying of hair and can even be used as a nourishing mask for 20 minutes on the hair after diluting it with equal parts of water.

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