Store bought cleaners are of various types. They come in various colors and have numerous scents. However, there is one underlying thread to all of them – they are all artificial.

You should stay away from store-bought cleaners for a variety of purposes.

If you have a toddler, you can be sure that he or she will lick the floor at some point in time or the other. They will also definitely pick up stuff from the floor and put it into their mouths. If your floor cleaner is made of chemicals – would you want these chemicals to enter your little one’s system and accidentally poisoning them?

These artificial cleaning agents are more often than not harmful to the environment, and therefore, the planet will thank you for not using them.

These artificial cleaners are more costly than the natural ones, and so if you want to protect your pocket, natural is the way to go.

Natural cleaners can be customized as per your taste and are super easy to make.

A natural cleaner is not hard to make, and it is extremely effective as well. All you need is a teaspoonful of borax, a teaspoon full of liquid castile soap, half a teaspoon of washing soda and essential oils of your choice. You can choose lemon, lavender or even orange.

To make this, you need to put the borax, the soap and the washing powder in a glass spray bottle and add to this two cups of warm water. You can use distilled water for the best effect, but boiled water works just as well. This can be used as a kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, to treat floors or even disinfect toys.

This lasts for at least three months and is very effective. It should, however, be stored in a glass bottle as it could break down the plastic with time.

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