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Physiotherapy products for sports recovery

Physiotherapy products for sports recovery

14 December 2011

Physiotherapy products for sports recovery Used as part of physiotherapists' recovery regimes and sports massage treatments, what do Natural Hero's rubs and sprays offer and how do they work?

Natural Hero's rubs and sprays are not only used by active people themselves, but they are also used in clinic and are made available to physio clients in a number of physiotherapy clinics throughout the UK.

Used as part of physiotherapists' recovery regimes and sports massage treatments, what do Natural Hero's rubs and sprays offer and how do they work?

Delivering topical warming and cooling actions to help alleviate the symptoms of post-exercise discomfort and muscle fatigue the products have a natural base so are easily absorbed and non greasy which is helpful not only to the recipient of the physio treatment but also to the therapist.

 Natural Hero's first physiotherapy partner, Connect,  who was involved in the product trialling in-clinic and pitch side say: 

"Having tested the products in clinic and pitch-side, the team we treated enjoy the slow release of heat and report feeling looser and more relaxed after use. 

The cold spray delivers a cool blast and reviving smell of peppermint in-use, followed by a pleasant sensation that helps ease muscle fatigue. 

The two products offer different sports recovery options - the heat rub lends itself better to muscle massage techniques and the spray can be used to revive during and post exercise as it dries very quickly."

Sports Injury Physiotherapist, Connect Physical Health 

How do Natural Hero products work?

Using over 98% natural ingredients, the cooling and warming effects of Natural Hero products are down to their blend of active botanicals known as rubefacients, which provide soothing cooling and warming sensations to the skin.

What are rubefacients?

Both hot and cold sensates can feel pleasant on the skin and can provide pain relief from musculoskeletal pain.  This is due to their action as rubefacients or counter-irritants.  They are all powerful stimulants.  Some have a 'warming' effect and others a 'cooling' effect.

How do rubefacients work?

Rubefacient herbs are a class of botanicals which have a unique effect on the body when applied to the skin.  The mechanism for their waming and cooling action goes beyond simply 'taking the mind off' the pain.  It is now thought that couner-irritation acts to suppress pain at the spinal cord level in accordance with 'gate-control theory', the same mechanism by which TENS is thought to act.

Rubefacients stimulate the dilation of capillaries.  Blood is drawn from deep within the body, increasing circulation around the treated area and speeding the healing process.  This form of treatment is good for treating the pain due to minor injuries, such as muscle sprains and soreness.  It is also beneficial for arthritic pain.

What is in them?

Each of the products is blended with betwen 4-6 rubefacient plant extracts, providing formulations that deliver powerful cooling and warming actions.  In developing the products, Natural Hero worked with Connect Sports Physios as well as plant scientists and professional formulators, to ensure the blend of rubefacients and the overall formulation is functional as well as effective.

The base of both the Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz & Hot Ginger Muscle Rub contain over 98% natural ingredients, which are non-greasy and easily absorbed as well as pH balanced and skin conditioning, which means open pores and no greasy residue after treatment.  They also contain no Parabens, SLS or petrochemicals.

Given Natural Hero's cosmetic level formulation, it is very unlikely that either of the products would react with a user's medication if the products are used as intended.  As opposed to pharmaceutical grade products containing ibuprofen, sprain relief actives or numbing agents, Natural Hero does not contain any of these ingredients as that would make them fall under the Medical Devices Regulations rather than the Cosmetic (safety) regulations.

Please read here if you are a physiotherapist who would like to try out the products. We know active people work hard to overcome their own challenges and we look forward to working with you to help make recovery even better.

Louise Vincent