Can Blockchain Solar Projects Help Save the EnvironmentJust to make things clear, blockchain cannot be used as solar panels. There’s no such thing as blockchain-powered solar plants. Don’t expect solar panels that generate electricity through cryptography and a unified ledger system that converts sunlight into electric power.

The phrase blockchain solar projects mean the use of blockchain technology as part of a solar power generation system. It is not part of the main components of the system but still an important feature that promotes better solar power.

With the advent of small-scale renewable power generation technologies, virtually everyone can now be a power producer. Homes can install solar panels on their roofs and be able to generate their own electricity. There are also those that use wind turbines or combined heat and power (CHP) systems to produce their own electricity.

These homes that produce their own electricity can sell the extra power they generate. The problem is how to do this in an efficient manner. Creating a local grid that facilitates the sale of individually produced power is going to be a difficult task. How will the power consumption be measured? How will the individual home contribution to the local power grid be accounted for?

There’s a solution being considered: the so-called smart grid. This entails the use of “smart meters” that are capable of accurately tracking power consumption digitally. The problem is that this would be costly and only a very few companies are interested in implementing it. Fortunately, blockchain technology presents a less expensive alternative.

Blockchain enables energy production and its subsequent sale directly to consumers through a peer-to-peer network. This way, there’s no need for an intermediary to oversee transactions. It becomes easier to keep track of the consumption of homes that take their power from the local grid.

There is actually a system that already uses blockchain to facilitate this kind of sale of home-generated energy. It’s called the Brooklyn project. Another similar project, SolarCoin, also employs blockchain but in a slightly different manner. With SolarCoin, home power producers get to earn the cryptocurrency SolarCoin by producing solar energy (instead of mining it just like how it’s done with bitcoins).

So to answer the question in this post’s title, it can be said that yes blockchain indirectly helps save the environment. This is because it serves as an effective tool in encouraging everyone to produce solar power and sell the extra energy they generate to others in the community through a peer-to-peer system.

Blockchain solar projects offer an enticing opportunity for individuals or households to become power producers. This is a boon for the shift towards renewable energy. It can help save the environment.

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Wood furnaces are used for cooking. They are a traditional way of cooking using wood or biomass. They have been used for a very long time and until now, a lot of people are still comfortable in using them. They might be very large, but they are practical to use. They can also cook really quickly. This is why a lot of people still prefer using them over other more modern cooking devices.

There are a lot of good reasons for using this wood furnace for cooking and it is totally understandable why some people prefer them. The bigger question is, are they really safe? Given the fact that the world has moved on to other cooking devices, it could also be attributed to the idea that they are a lot safer than wood furnaces.

The truth is that these wood furnaces are still safe. They are just high maintenance. You have to make sure that they are properly working at all times. You can’t be complacent that you are done cooking so you can just leave the area. You have to make sure that the fire is totally put off once you are done using it.

You should also see to it that it is located in the area of the house that is quite safe. It should be in an outdoor area so that even if there is an incident, the rest of your house will not be affected. Another reason is that outside air allows the place to be cooled off a bit.

It is a must to check if there is proper air flow in the area. The air should come in and out smoothly. There should be a chimney that allows the smoke to directly flow out of the area to avoid fire.

You can create one

If you think you can make the most out of wood furnaces, you can decide to use one at home. In fact, you can build your own furnace using the best chainsaws you can find here. You might have to learn how to properly use the chainsaw and it would take some time.

Once you have learned how to cut wood using a chainsaw, putting the pieces together is the next challenge. Again, it won’t be easy. You might have to learn how to do it the right way. As long as you have the right measurement and it can fit in the area that you have at home, it won’t be a big problem.

You can enjoy cooking soon once you are done with the furnace. Again, it is not just about building it, but also making sure that everyone at home is safe. Tell your kids not to go anywhere near the area while you are cooking. You should also have more than one person at a time in the area when the furnace is used. Most of all, the quality of the wood used must be checked so that nothing would go wrong. Most people would rather use other cooking devices, but it is still fun to go for a wood furnace.

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What Is the Most Natural Way to Treat the Water in Your Swimming PoolMaintaining a swimming pool is not easy. This is why you need someone to do the job. A pool that is not hygienic could affect those who are using it, especially kids. This is applicable even for above ground pools. This is why you have to check the swimming pool every now and then to maintain its cleanliness.

The only problem is that most pools are treated using chemicals. Chlorine is the most popular way to deal with the problem. It is widely used around the world. The only problem with chlorine is that kids have the tendency to drink the water and it places them at risk. There are also those who have allergies to chlorine.

As such, you should also consider going for a more natural method of treating the water on the pool. The best way to do so is to scoop the dirt that lies on top of the pool. There are tools that you can use to ensure that the pool is totally clean. You may also change the water every week so that there’s new water on the pool. With this, there is a guarantee that the water is totally safe for us.

The alkaline level should be tested once a week and the chlorine level should also be tested twice a week. Necessary adjustments should be done so that those who are using the pool will not be at risk.
These tips are also applicable for above ground pools. Dealing with above ground pools is a lot easier though since you can just remove the water. You don’t have to apply chemicals at all.

Dealing with water cleanliness is a must since children are using the pool all the time. Of course, the cleanliness of the water should not be the only thing that you have to check. You must also take a look at the safety of your kids while swimming. Keep an eye on them at all times. If they have rashes while swimming, it could be due to the quality of the water. Take them out and don’t let anyone swim just yet.

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Fresh herbs are available in farmers’ market and there are also packed ones that are conveniently sold in stores. They are known for their aroma, flavour, and health properties. Even if they can be purchased, it’s still best if you plant them at home and have your own herb garden. Not convinced why you should consider this? Here are some of the reasons on why you may want to start your own herb garden now.

It Will Make You Feel Good

Herbs are known to have medicinal property. Having them in your garden will release their scent that’s enough to soothe you and release your stress. Smelling their scent alone is one way to make you feel good. After a long day, you can go to your garden and feel relaxed with the aroma of your herbal plants.

Add Excitement to Your Menu

Aside from their scent and medicinal properties, herbs are also known for adding taste to various dishes. You don’t have to eat the same boring foods that you’ve been preparing and eating for a long time. You and your family will love the different tastes that these herbs offer. They can bring your foods to the next level.

Instant Source of Fresh Herbs

You will never run out of fresh herbs. If you need them, just go to your garden and they will be readily available. This brings convenience as you don’t have to drive or travel to the market to purchase them. Plus, you can be sure of their freshness since you personally picked them. This brings better taste and aroma to your recipes.

Adds Curb Appeal

The regular flowers and plants are not the only ones that can beautify your garden. Adding some herbal plants, as long as they are taken care of properly can also add to the beauty of your place.

It’s a Money Saver

While it’s true that packed herbs and fresh herbs are available in the market, why would you want to purchase them when you can easily get them in your own garden. The cost that you save will add up in the long run. Plus, you can share them with friends and family members who need them so they too can save some cash.

Grow Other Varieties

There are various types of herbs but many of them may not always be available in the market. You can grow a variety of these herbal plants so you can have your own source in case you need them. You won’t be having troubles finding what you need as you’ll have them at home.

It’s Good for Your Health

Incorporating herbs into your recipes is good for your health. Since they are readily available, it’s more likely that you’ll make use of them.

Just like with your regular garden, one that has herbal plants require proper care and attention. Determine how much sunlight and water the plants need. See the best type of soil to use for each. Invest on a lawnmower (check BestMower for some recommendations) too so you can keep the grass trimmed keeping your garden looking great and well kept.

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You might have heard of research studies revealing how synthetic products containing toxic chemicals have already flooded the market and affected people’s lives. When it comes to effectiveness, perhaps these products are beyond question. The problem comes in when you factor out the side effects on your body.

For instance, if you are using whitening products, you might really see positive changes in just a week or so. This depends on the type of chemicals used in the product. However, there could be long-term effects that may damage your skin. Some products have even been pulled out of the market for they were proven to contain carcinogens.

There are a lot of other products out there that are filled with toxic chemicals, even shaving creams and makeup. The good thing is you no longer have to force yourself to use these products. There are better alternatives available out there.

If you want to reach the same results, switch to organic products. It doesn’t matter even if you use these products on a regular basis. They were made from natural ingredients. It only means that you won’t suffer from long term harm.

Organic products are usually made from plants. The substances found in these plants were combined with other natural substances to produce an effective product.

Several studies have been conducted to harness the benefits coming from these sources. For instance, aloe vera has been found as an effective alternative to commercial shampoo. Citrus fruits may be used as a substitute to the usual toothpaste for teeth whitening.

By switching to these products, you can also see the benefits. It might be a bit delayed compared with the chemical-filled products, but you will get there.

Check the options

There are a lot of authentic stores selling these organic products. Read reviews and find out which of their products are most popular. You can take advantage of these options and give them a try. You may also check out Best Spy for more organic products.

Just be careful in choosing a store, especially online. You might partner with the wrong company. You should also consult your doctor before using these products. You might have allergic reactions to them. Once you are certain that those products are safe for use, nothing should stop you from trying them. You can always go back to your physician if you suffer from an unpleasant experience after using the organic product.

Let others know

Cancer has become a rampant disease in recent years. This is mainly because of our lifestyle. We are too much exposed to chemicals. This is why it is time to switch to organic products. Considering the number of products that were created to remove the use of harmful chemicals, you have a lot of choices.

If you have found one that works for you, tell other people about it. They should also know the benefits of using these products. They might share the same problem as you, and your help could go a long way.  


Store bought cleaners are of various types. They come in various colors and have numerous scents. However, there is one underlying thread to all of them – they are all artificial.

You should stay away from store-bought cleaners for a variety of purposes.

If you have a toddler, you can be sure that he or she will lick the floor at some point in time or the other. They will also definitely pick up stuff from the floor and put it into their mouths. If your floor cleaner is made of chemicals – would you want these chemicals to enter your little one’s system and accidentally poisoning them?

These artificial cleaning agents are more often than not harmful to the environment, and therefore, the planet will thank you for not using them.

These artificial cleaners are more costly than the natural ones, and so if you want to protect your pocket, natural is the way to go.

Natural cleaners can be customized as per your taste and are super easy to make.

A natural cleaner is not hard to make, and it is extremely effective as well. All you need is a teaspoonful of borax, a teaspoon full of liquid castile soap, half a teaspoon of washing soda and essential oils of your choice. You can choose lemon, lavender or even orange.

To make this, you need to put the borax, the soap and the washing powder in a glass spray bottle and add to this two cups of warm water. You can use distilled water for the best effect, but boiled water works just as well. This can be used as a kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, to treat floors or even disinfect toys.

This lasts for at least three months and is very effective. It should, however, be stored in a glass bottle as it could break down the plastic with time.

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When you refine byproducts, usually it is bad news. The exception, however, is blackstrap molasses.

This is the product which is obtained when sugarcane has been refined. In the first boiling and mashing of sugarcane, syrup is created, and during the second boiling, molasses is obtained. In the third boiling, blackstrap molasses is obtained.

Molasses are of different kinds.

The light ones are the first boiling of sugar cane. This can either be with sulfur or without. The sulfur dioxide is usually added to preserve this as it is made of young sugar cane. However, as some people could be allergic to sulfur, the sulfur-less extract is preferred. This is made of ripe sugar cane so does not need preservatives, and this is called mild molasses.

The dark molasses is obtained after the second boiling, it is less sweet and used for baking as well as cooking. This is used especially in gingerbread cookies

Blackstrap molasses are the healthiest. These are obtained after boiling sugarcane for the third time. This has nutrients, vitamins and is the least sweet. This has the most copper, iron, magnesium, calcium and various other nutrients.

1-2 tablespoons of this is recommended for those having anemia or deficiencies of magnesium. This is good for those having menstrual problems and those who are pregnant. It helps with skin improvement as well as hair growth.

It helps in digestion as it contains magnesium, calcium as well as manganese. If people are constipated, they get relief when 1-2 tablespoons of this is consumed with warm water. This softens stools too.

It contains copper and that is a vital requirement for hair growth. It reverses graying of hair and can even be used as a nourishing mask for 20 minutes on the hair after diluting it with equal parts of water.

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