Can CBD Oil Relieve Arthritis Pain? Does It Really Help?

Arthritis is a well-known disease worldwide characterized by severe pain and inflammation of joints and muscles. Two types of arthritis are common these days Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA). More than 50 million Americans are suffering from arthritis. It is a common disease now a days that can be treated by ant-inflammatory and pain relieving medicines. The conventional medicines have side effects on the patients. So, can we really use CBD oil for arthritis pain?

CBD Oil For Arthritis Pain

Natural plant-based medicines such as CBD oil is proved beneficial over the conventional medicine as it has no side effects. Many patients have reported to have relieved from arthritis pain by using CBD oil.

CBD or Cannabidiol oil is derived from Cannabis plant. It is a medicinal product used to treat various diseases. It is also known as hemp oil but it is not psychoactive.

Research studies suggest the use of CBD oil in relieving the RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) pain. The first CBD oil based medicine (Sativex) for treating RA pain was done in 2006. According to this research it was concluded that Sativex can be used to relief RA pain and inflammation and also improved sleep. No side effects of CBD oil has been reported till date. Many researches have been conducted on laboratory rats suffering from arthritis and positive results have been obtained without any side effects.

Yes, CBD oil can be used to relieve arthritis pain. It has proved as an alternative form of natural medicine to treat arthritis. It has shown some promising results in providing relief from the pain.

Working of CBD Oil

CBD oil is known to effect the activity of brain. The oil interacts with two receptors called as CB1 and CB2 present in the brain and immune system. CB2 receptors are present in the immune system. CBD oil interacts with CB2 receptors and helps in managing inflammation and pain due to RA.

CBD oil in the form of gel and cream can be applied topically on inflamed joints and muscles to relieve the joint pain.  CBD drops are also available that can be safely consumed by the RA patients. Powdered form of CBD is also available that can be used t make gel or cream and applied on the affected area. CBD capsules and sprays are also available. It is always advisable to take speak to a doctor or physician before consuming or using any form of CBD oil for arthritis pain.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

The role of CBD oil in relieving from arthritis pain has been known today. It gets easily absorbed in the painful areas and provide relief from intense pain. FDA does not support the role of CBD in treating arthritic pain and inflammation but researches do.

CBD oil also works on the immune system and improves the damaged tissues of joints due to RA. CBD oil is a known anti-inflammatory substance. Rheumatoid Arthritis is characterized by chronic pain that can be relieved by using CBD oil.

CBD oil is available in different forms in market and some companies also guarantee 100% money back offers on their product.

Effectiveness Of CBD Oil In Treating Arthritis Pain

Many researches have confirmed the use of CBD oil in treating arthritis pain and inflammation. Despite, more research works are needed to certify the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating arthritis pain. Studies are mainly done on rats and mice. More human based researches need to be done for promising results. Some of the known side effects of CBD oil are nausea and irritability. These side effects are not common among users and do not pose any risk. Withdrawal symptoms are also rare. Some people might experience the original symptoms of arthritis after stopping the use of CBD oil.

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