CBD Oil For Pain Relief. Is It Popular In UK?

It is no longer news that cannabidiol is making headlines in UK, thanks to medical benefits it offers in many ways. CBD oil for pain is popular for alleviating chronic pains in patients.

To start with, CBD oil is made from industrial hemp, known as Cannabis Sativa, by pressing the seeds until the last pint of oil in it is extracted. It has less than 0.3% of THC that gives the psychoactive feelings.

THC is extracted from the marijuana plant, which is also called Cannabis Indica, which has a high concentration of THC, therefore, it’s not suitable in the production of CBD oil.

It is one of the most important supplements that are available in the market, even in the UK, many patients are turning to the product for fast relief from chronic pains.

 Although despite all the testimonials associated with it, it seems that hemp oil and its use will take a while before, it gets the respect it deserves, however,  it worth the time to have a look at what the medical magical oil brings to the board.

Is CBD Oil A Pain Killer?

According to research, CBD interacts with brain receptor and the immune system. Receptors receive chemical stimuli from every part of the human body, though helps cells to respond. The interaction between receptors and CBD creates the anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects that help in the management of chronic pains.

Therefore, CBD oil for pain relief is effective in treating pains, even in cancer patients; relieve of pain in arthritis patients is very popular as well.

It also, works in alleviating menstrual cramps, in women. It is obvious, CBD oil for pain relief is a good agent in relieving patients of pains, in most delicate medical conditions, and many people are getting to know the power of it. This is, in fact, good news, as the fear of addiction is not associated with the use of the oil because it has minimal THC contents that may get people hooked on the oil.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Take Effect?

Many factors influence how long it takes to act after ingestion. On the average, the type of ailment under determines how long it takes for the cannabidiol to act. Other factors are the concentration and

The dosage ingested.

However, depending on any of the four methods below, the time CBD has different time frames it takes to have an effect on users.

  • By Inhalation

This is the fastest mode of absorbing CBD into the system. Either by smoking or inhaling CBD vape, the substance starts to work in the system instantly. Once you inhale the vapor, CBD and its other contents like the cannabinoids will get into the bloodstream through the alveoli sacs present in the lungs.

The effect takes place in a matter of seconds, but it means, there is a tendency it wears off faster than other methods of applications. Note that introducing other substances into your lungs apart from oxygen is not the best health practice.

Therefore, if you are not a smoker, or converted smoker, this method may be too hard to try.

  • By Ingestion

For long-lasting effects, oral consumption of oil is the best. The method prolongs the effect of the hemp oil, in the processing of breaking the CBD oil down by the digestive system over a period of hours, thereby making the compound to be slowly absorbed into the bloodstream.

It takes a minimum of 30 minutes for the ingested oil to have an effect, but it may take longer, which may depend on your weight, dosage, metabolism, and if you are on an empty or full stomach.

  • By Sublingual Drops

If you are not a fan of vaping, then tinctures should appeal to you if you want quick absorption of the content because it works very fast, just like inhalation. Tinctures are normally applied sublingually, which means, it is applied under the tongue.

The key to making this method work is to hold the oil drops under the tongue for 30 -60 seconds. This will enable the oil to get into your bloodstream very fast because the veins under the tongue to soak up the oil and absorb it directly into the bloodstream.

This method spares your lungs of foreign objects and it takes effect between 5 to 20 minutes.

  • By Topical means

This is a different method from the listed three above. It method allows the extract to come directly in contact with your skin, instead of entering your body system.

It is the best method when targeting pains in certain areas of the body, which makes it ideal for arthritis and inflammation due to exercise.

When applying salve, balm and CBD lotion, it will work once it comes in contact with your skin, the effect may take some minutes before you can feel it when CBD is topically applied.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work For Pains?

Well, it’s a good question to ask, if you are new to the CBD oil, which is a common question among new users in the UK, however, it is important to know that this varies on individual basis, while a small percentage of people will not feel anything from the cannabis extract at all.

CBD extracts, oils, edibles, vapes, and others are regarded as health dietary supplementary products, and it needs more research and studies to be able to ascertain many things about cannabis extracts.

However, it depends on the method of application to determine the period it takes the extract to work on pains and the physiological makeup of the user.  As a thumb rule, it will take few minutes when vaped, of up to 30 minutes if ingested.

It is better to discover the best method that suits your needs because there is no precise time it takes to take effect. Explore the methods if you are in hurry to arrive at the shortest time to alleviate your pains.

Can I Rub CBD Oil on My Skin?

CBD is non-psychoactive like THC, therefore, applying in on the skin will induce mind-altering conditions on you that is why the use of cannabis oil in topical ways is a good option for those who are avoiding the ‘high’ tendencies of THC.

In addition, those who are searching for alternatives to regular treatment of conditions like joint inflammation, arthritis and skins infections are having a safe haven in the cannabis extracts.

As the largest organ in the body, the skin covers every vital organs in our body, like the heart, the liver, kidney, and lungs, although the skin is water resistant, which enables it to prevent much water lost in form of moisture, yet it absorbs vital nutrients like vitamin B and D; and oxygen.

Taking good care of such an important part of the human system is crucial and it deserves the best form of treatment.

Cannabidiol is a good alternative to medical procedures for people who are looking for relief from skin diseases. 

Apart from using CBD oil for pain relief, CBD can relieve skin conditions like inflammation, bud bites, stubborn itching, wounds, scrapes, and various skin infections.

The secret is the cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties; no wonder cannabis oil has the potential to ward off irritation that accompanies inflammation.

Topical CBD oil is effective in treating many skin conditions. The added advantage is the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, present in the oil, which are responsible for improving skin conditions and health.

CBD contains a certain moisturizing component called GLA, a form of Omega -6 fatty acids. When it is applied to inflamed part of the skin, you are likely to experience relief.

Can You Overdose On CBD Oil?

Overdose is something associated with prescription drug overuse or narcotics. Unlike in the conventional drug world, cannabis oil is a superb health supplement; it is actually not a drug. In most cases it doesn’t require a prescription.

Despite its therapeutic values, there is no recorded side effect of an overdose use of Cannabis oil. There are many contents to check everywhere. Even lab experiments do not show any side effects of overdose, whether on test animals or human beings.

The product is well tolerated by most people and it is considered safe, in most cases. Even when you take more than what an average person needs. It’s likely to cause mild diarrhea, no serious medical conditions or medical issues.

Although it is better to use the oil according to instructions, for optimal result and to save some money, however, in case of accidental ingestion of excessive doses of cannabis oil, there is no need to push the panic button.

Using CBD oil for pain relief is becoming more popular even in the UK, while the Americans have caught the bug already. As an alternative to conventional drugs, and without any known effect of overdose, Cannabis oil is in the world of its own, when it comes to relieving pains, whether inflammation, arthritis, or any other chronic pains.

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