CBD Oil For Sleep And Insomnia. Can It Improve Sleep Quality?

Having trouble sleeping? Maybe you should try a dose of CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.

But first, what is CBD oil? We will be discussing that today. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

What is CBD Oil?

You can call it CBD or Cannabidiol. Either way, this is a chemical compound that is found in marijuana (cannabis plant). Typically, CBD oil is that which has been extracted from cannabidiol. Now, I know you might be wondering if this oil will get you high (like the parent plant does). Well, it won’t. Rather, the oil is developed to offer you an anti-anxiety, calming, and antipsychotic effect.

First Things First: Why Do I Have Sleeping Troubles?

Now, the lack of sleep is linked to a lot of reasons. Just because one person can’t sleep because of their severe headache doesn’t mean that your lack of sleep is also linked to a headache. A lot of people have some sleeping disorders in a way or another. For instance, in the UK, research shows that almost a third of the population suffer from sleeping disorders.

Lack of sleep can be triggered by a lot of factors. Typically some of the causes of poor sleep include chronic pains, excessive stress, prescribed medication side effects, bad sleeping habits, jetlag, endocrine imbalances, or neurological conditions. But these are not the only causes.

We have mentioned that bad sleeping habits can affect your sleep. For instance, when you take too much caffeine before going to bed, sleeping late, when you sleep during the day, using the computer/laptop just before you go to bed, and more. So, can I use CBD oil for sleep?

The Solution: CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia

Generally, the cannabis plant has some properties to give you a relieving effect. So, the CBD oil borrows most of these properties compared to other chemical compounds of the plant. I know you are curious to know how the oil works to give you a peaceful sleep.

CBD contains properties that will reduce anxiety (one of the causes of poor sleep). For those that suffer from chronic pain, CBD oil is proven to reduce insomnia and also improve sleep quality. When you have less anxiety and you get that soothing sensation, you will definitely get some sleep.

However, it needs to be taken in small doses (or the recommended dose). If you take it in the right amount, CBD will also stimulate alertness and minimize daytime sleepiness. This way, you will have a good daytime performance to help you push forward. You won’t sleep during the day.

REM sleep disorder is another condition that can negatively affect your sleep quality. In this case, they will make some violent movement and vocal sounds when they sleep. When they wake up, they will still feel sleepy and generally weak.

CBD steps in to minimize the REM sleep disorder in people with Parkinson’s disease, which then helps to boost the sleep quality. It also works at subsiding the pain and boosting the sleep quality in those that have the Parkinson’s disease.

Tips on Buying CBD Oil

So, if you are having trouble sleeping, you might want to consider buying CBD oil to solve the problem. However, the oil that you buy will determine if it will help you or not. Luckily, we will look at the tips you should consider when you are in search of a good CBD oil. Here are the factors you should always keep in mind when buying CBD oil for sleep.

  1. Consider the brand

This is a common rule for buying any product/service. The brand represents the people behind that product. You must always go for a reputable brand that will not only offer reliable and effective CBD oil but will also be there when you have any issues with the product. A reputable brand will always deliver safe products that will not expose you to any dangers. They also have a legal license to make the CBD oil. For that, always ensure that you go for the right brand.

  1. How is the oil extracted?

It is important to know how the CBD oil is extracted before you start using it. For your information, CBD should be extracted through the CO2 extraction. Why is this extraction method the most-preferred? Well, this method entails the removal of lipids and fats from the oil. This way, you will take the CBD oil without worrying about your health or weight gain. That’s why you should check the product to see that it has been extracted by the recommended method.

  1. Is the oil tested?

First is the brand, then the extraction method, but you still need to know if the CBD oil has been lab tested. Also, it isn’t just about the brand testing the oil on their own. Rather, it should be lab tested by a third party. Nobody would accept that they have a bad-quality product. That is why you should consider a product that has been lab tested by a third party.

After the testing, the company should share the results on their website.

  1. How much is the oil?

Even if the oil has the best lab test results or it is from the leading company on the market, it still has to be affordable enough. Insomnia and lack of sleep can be recurring. So, if the CBD oil is too expensive, you might not be able to maintain it. You can even be forced to live with your poor sleeping condition because you are unable to afford the CBD oil. That is why you should go for an affordable CBD oil. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you should only go for the cheap stuff. Cheap is always expensive. It also doesn’t mean that the most expensive is the best oil. Weigh your options and go for the right product.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil For Sleep And Insomnia?

As of now, CBD oils are only available online. For that, you should only buy them from authorized online stores. Purchasing it from any other store might expose you to risks of buying counterfeit products that can be harmful to your health. That said, Amazon is one of the best to buy the CBD oil. Alternatively, you can choose to buy them from the official website.

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