CBDistillery Review – Trusted By Thousands Out There

CBDistillery is one of the best-known and most-trusted CBD brands in the United States. It was founded by a group of experienced healthcare and medical marijuana experts with the objective of manufacturing high-quality hemp-derived CBD products that most people can easily afford. The brand has already achieved this objective as its cannabidiol products are among the best-rated and they are also some of the cheapest on the market.

What separates this company from its competitors is trust. This brand is trusted by thousands out there. This is evident in the facts that the brand has been positively featured in renowned publications such as inc.com, and that it is well-rated by most reviewers on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

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It is our belief that this brand is well-trusted because it makes great quality and effective CBD oils and also because its board is made up of well-known personalities. The company is also different from its competition in the sense that it actively participates in the CBD movement to remove excessive constraints in the manufacture and access to hemp CBD oils.

Company Location

The CBDistillery is located in Denver, Colorado. If you are familiar with the location, then you will know that it a stoner’s paradise; recreational marijuana is legal in the state. The state also has a well-developed industrial hemp agricultural industry that produces America’s best quality hemp, and a highly competitive hemp oil processing industry.

What you can take from this is that the raw materials used by the DISTILLERY to make its products are the best of the best. And that you can always expect innovative and good quality hemp products from the brand because of the strong competition in its local industry.

The Quality And Variety Of The Company’s Products

CBDistillery is synonymous with extraordinary quality. Check online reviews or ask anyone who has used the company’s oils, capsules or creams before, and you will discover that the company’s products are superior quality products.

The quality is good because the company uses the best raw materials, cutting edge technologies, 3rd party laboratory testing, and quality packaging to ensure that the products customers receive are all 5-star products.

The company’s experienced board is the engine that runs everything smoothly behind the scenes to maintain the high quality.

CBDistillery is also synonymous with variety. No other company has cannabidiol in as many useable forms as this one. You can buy the healing natural ingredient in the form of hemp oil or as a capsule, a gummy, an isolate, a topical cream, a suppository, or as a bottle of vape oil. Variety packs are also available.

The brand also sells CBD-labeled merchandise such as t-shirts and caps. Unfortunately, these products aren’t made of hemp. So if you buy them, you will not really be supporting the CBD movement, which is often the reason why people buy these sorts of things.

Company Summary

  • Company name: CBDISTILLERY LTD
  • Country: USA
  • Source: Pure, organic industrial hemp
  • Variety of Products: Excellent (10/10)
  • Overall rating: (9.5/10)
  • Ships to: All fifty states. Does not ship to Puerto Rico, Guam or the Virgin Islands

Why Buy CBDistillery Products

  • You do not need a doctor’s prescription
  • They are top-quality products with medicinal values
  • They are affordably priced
  • Because the company supports veterans, active duty military members, and police officers through a 10% discount program
  • Because all the company’s products are laboratory tested by an independent lab for purity and potency
  • For the reason that you will not get high from taking them as they have no THC
  • Because CBDistillery is one of the few legitimate and well-regarded USA cannabidiol oil manufacturers
  • For the reason that the company only uses organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and sunlight-grown industrial hemp (best quality hemp) to manufacture its products

Why You May Not Want To Buy This Company’s Products

  • This company does not ship internationally or even to US territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands
  • The brand does not have a money back guarantee. Their reason is that CBD affects everyone differently

How To Save Cash On CBDistillery.com

This brand is one of the best in terms of promotions. Throughout the year, you will find at least one or two promos that you can take advantage of to save cash when buying products on the official company website.

One of the company’s most exciting promotions is the sign-up promotion. When you sign up for emails on the company’s website, you will receive a valid 5% discount coupon code to use on your first purchase. You will also receive a free highly informative CBD user guide. Lastly, the company will occasionally send you exclusive discount codes.

CBDISTILLERY best-known promo is its service members discount promotion. In this promotion, veterans, active service members, police officers, and emergency responders get 10% discount code when they send official documents to the company to verify their identities. This heartwarming promo is the company’s unique way of telling the noble service men and women “thank you for your service.”

Lastly, the brand also has a free shipping promo. If you are a buyer in the US, and you make a domestic order worth over 75 USD in value, your order will be shipped to you at no extra charge.

The Best-Selling Products From The Brand

1000 mg 30ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

This is a powerful, pure and natural hemp oil that is renowned for providing fast relief to pain and anxiety.

It can be taken orally under the tongue or mixed in a cold juice or smoothie.

It is completely natural and great for overall health.

30 mg Full Spectrum CBD Infused Soft Gels 60 count

These are some of the easiest to swallow capsules you will ever put in your mouth. Unlike hemp oils, there is no measuring or mixing with these capsules. This makes them perfect for those who want to conveniently take cannabidiol.

Each soft gel capsule has 30 mg of cannabidiol.

The bottle contains 60 capsules (enough for two months of use).


This is a legit brand that makes some pretty good products. It is the perfect brand for those who are looking for quality and safe hemp oil products that provide relief to a variety of ailments. The only major disadvantage is that the company does not ship to some US territories. It also does not ship internationally.

Visit CBDistillery.com Website

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