Endoca CBD Products Review

Endoca has certainly made a name for itself in the market, thanks to its superior products. The fact that the company is driven towards sustainability puts them far ahead of other competitors.

Since CBD is consumed to fight against several illnesses, it doesn’t even make sense to grow hemp plants using harmful chemicals, and Endoca understands that. And that’s why Endoca grows its own hemp organically and completely devoid of chemicals.

Cannabis has been victimized for a long time without any particular reason, and Endoca attempts to change that. The company’s primary goal is to make the herb’s beneficial cannabinoids available to people to help them experience the miracles of the plant.

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Endoca firmly believes that one can change his/his lifestyle positively through awareness and education. Thus, rather than simply operating as mere manufacturers, they strive to educate people about cannabis and its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD is only one among the several other cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, it doesn’t induce psychoactive effects that may not be pleasurable to many people. THC also a host of benefits; however, CBD imparts only the positive effects sans the psychoactive effects.

That being said, there’s a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of CBD manufactures since it’s not consumed for recreational purposes. It goes without saying that you must do your research before purchasing it. Not to mention that you must purchase it only from trusted companies that follow strict quality-control measures to manufacture hemp oils of the highest grade.

How Are Endoca CBD Products Made?

The quality of hemp oils depends a lot on the way it’s grown. Now, as mentioned already, Endoca grows its own hemp organically. In fact, it’s grown so efficiently with a lot of focus on purity and clean manufacturing processes that the UN awarded the company for its methods!

Hemp is not just used for fiber or wood, but the plant is so amazing that it can help the planet in more ways than one. Endoca believes that hemp can be the ultimate answer to many problems plaguing the earth and its contributions to this field have been incredible.

Endoca is the first company to manufacture pharmaceutical ingredients that are 100% organic and active. Not only is the hemp grown in the best environmental conditions, but the extraction process also ensures that the quality is superior.

The extraction process of oils is very critical in determining the outcome. For instance, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is better than coconut oil extracted after it’s subjected to heat. Similarly, hemp oils can also be extracted in several ways, but extraction methods that don’t induce heat are much preferred to preserve the goodness of the oils.

Unlike other extraction processes, CO2 extraction doesn’t reduce the benefits of hemp oil. Of course, CO2 extraction is more expensive than other methods, but it consistently produces pure CBD that’s free from contamination.

How To Choose Hemp Oil Products

Endoca produces several products, so it can be a tad tough to choose among them. Quality and purity aside, the dosage also matters. Some of the best Endoca products are its crystals, suppositories, raw and decarboxylated hemp oil, and edibles.

Depending on what you need, you choose either decarboxylated or raw hemp oil. But what the heck is decarboxylation, you ask? Well, decarboxylation is nothing but the process of removing a carboxyl group from its chain.

Raw hemp oil, as the name suggests, is just pure hemp oil. The product is not filtered beyond the CO2 extraction and sold to the customer as is. Since it’s not processed further, it contains other compounds such as terpenes, chlorophyll and plant material. Therefore, it is green in color.

However, decarboxylated oils are a bit different. If you prefer the purest oil with nothing other than CBD, decarboxylated oils are made just for you. Through this process, a carbon atom is removed from the chain while the oils heats up. Decarboxylation also converts CBDA to CBD and since the human body contains receptors, it works even better than other oils.

Decarboxylated oils are dark green and sometimes even black in color. Endoca further processes the oil to isolate only CBD, which is why the oil appears gold in color.

So, if you simply wish to experience hemp oil along with several cannabinoids, you can go for raw oils, but if you need to cure specific illnesses, high doses may suit you more.

Still confused about what to purchase?

Quick Summary Of The Various Products Offered By Endoca

Hemp Oil (Decarboxlyated or Raw)

All oils are available with dosers for easy dosage. If you require small doses, go for the 300mg bottle, but higher doses of 1500mg are likely to be more efficient. Raw oils contain several terpenes including myrcene, pinene, and limonene. The addition of vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 makes it well-balanced.

On the other hand, decarboxylated oil contains maximum CBD but low concentrations of CBG, CBC, and CBN.

Cannabis Crystals

If you’re looking for almost 99% CBD purity with absolutely no THC, cannabis crystals are perfect for you. Also known as isolates, crystals are derived from the cannabis plant. Available in 500mg doses, it contains no preservatives and contaminants and is also vegan and gluten-free. It does include small amounts of terpenes, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything purer than this!

CBD Capsules

Like the oils, capsules also come in raw and decarboxylated versions. You can choose either 300mg or 1500mg, depending on your needs. Capsules are a favorite of many people since it’s easier to swallow. A single bottle of 1500mg consists of 30 capsules that are 50mg each.

CBD Extracts

Also referred to as CBD paste, extracts contain plant waxes that deliver all the benefits of the cannabis plant. For those yearning to experience the goodness of the entire herb, extracts contain several natural phytocannabinoids with high concentrations of CBD. In other words, these extracts are virgin hemp oils with various nutrients and vitamins that are usually not found in daily diets.

Endoca is proud of its manufacturing processes. After the oils are extracted, it’s fed to cattle so that the beneficial cannabinoids aren’t wasted. Any remaining matter is then converted to biofuel that’s again used to grow hemp plants. Thus, Endoca has created a sustainable model allowing everyone including animals to experience pure and rich CBD without THC.

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