Ignite CBD Review – Premium Lifestyle Brand?

IGNITE is a hip CBD brand that is linked to Dan Bilzerian, a famous Armenian-American celebrity based in Los Angeles. The company was founded in late 2017 with the objective of making super-premium quality marijuana and hemp oil products.

Unlike other manufacturers that you may know, this is a premium lifestyle brand. It is meant to cater to those who want extremely high-end marijuana and CBD products. The owner, Mr. Bilzerian, is known for his stint in the US Navy, his successful businesses, his social media fame, and his extremely lavish lifestyle. He has kind of created this business to cater to the CBD and marijuana needs of the kind of people he rolls with.

Besides its famous founder and the fact that it is targeting a high-end niche market, IGNITE is also known for two other things: quality testing and exciting discounts. Read on to find out more about these and other factors that distinguish this brand from its competitors.

Company Location

The company is based in Los Angeles, California. However, there is not a lot of transparency from the company about where exactly its facilities are located at and who its senior staff are. The fact that this kind of information is not freely available on the company’s website could be a red flag or simply an oversight by the company. Nevertheless, since the owner is a renowned personality, it is unlikely that he would tarnish his reputation by building a brand not worth his name. Therefore, you can trust this company and expect superior quality products from them because of this.

The Quality And Variety Of IGNITE’s Products

As mentioned in the introduction, IGNITE is a premium cannabis lifestyle brand. The company is all about making the very best cannabis and CBD products for its customers. To ensure that this is the case, it only uses the purest hemp to make its cannabidiol products. It also a decent quality assurance system that involves the testing of the oil at several points in the manufacturing process to confirm potency and safety. The system ensures that all unwanted compounds are eliminated.

The company also sends samples from every batch to an ISO-certified laboratory for independent verification of the quality and safety of its products. The internal quality testing system and the use of the third party laboratory seemingly ensure that the final products distributed by IGNITE are of maximum potency, great flavor, and superior quality.

They do not offer an expansive variety of products. In terms of actual cannabidiol products, there are only two types: CBD oil drops and CBD vape pens. Other items sold by the company include merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and shorts.

Company Summary

  • Company name: Ignite International LTD.
  • Date of establishment: 2017
  • Country: USA
  • Physical address: Los Angeles, California
  • Source of Ignite CBD: Purest natural hemp
  • Variety of Products: Poor (4/10)
  • Overall rating: (7.5/10)
  • Ships to: The 50 states (Does not currently offer international shipping)

Why Buy Ignite CBD Oil or Vape Pen?

  • It is a legit business co-owned by a celebrity entrepreneur, Dan Bilzerian
  • It makes the purest superior quality hemp oil products
  • The brand has an excellent quality testing system that ensures that the final products are maximally safe and potent
  • Most of them have a very distinct and wonderfully tasting flavor
  • The brand offers some of the best discounts in the business
  • They also have some exciting merch that you can buy to go with your oil
  • Products are very affordable despite their premium nature

Why You May Not Want To Buy This Company’s Products

  • Limited variety of products
  • Not much is known about the company
  • The company is relatively green in the industry compared to its

How To Save Cash On IGNITE’s Products

The most exciting thing about IGNITE is the fact that it offers what is arguably one of the best rewards programs in the industry. Before we talk about the program, let’s talk about the brand’s sign up bonus.

By simply signing up, customers get a 10% discount code to use on their first purchase. This is a very nice gesture and a feature that allows customers to access exceptional quality cannabidiol at more affordable prices.

Now to the rewards program. As mentioned, it is one of the best in the cannabidiol oil industry. It is a particularly lucrative program that is a must-join especially for those who are planning to start buying cannabidiol regularly from this company.

Joining the program is easy, you simply need to sign up using a valid email. After signing up, you will get exclusive promos, rewards, perks and so on. You will also earn points for purchases and when you engage the company’s content on social media (e.g. when you like or share). These points can later be redeemed for cash that you can use to pay for your next supply of cannabidiol.

The Best-Selling Ignite CBD Items

Tropical Fruit Drops (1000 mg in a 30 ml bottle)

This CBD oil will probably be the tastiest one you have ever tried.

It is made of natural hemp and is blended with tropical fruit natural flavor for taste. Other ingredients include fractionated coconut oil and stevia. Together, these ingredients provide an exhilarating and mind-opening effect along with other health benefits that CBD is known for.

This bottle comes with a calibrated dropper for easy administration.

It is thoroughly tested and ISO certified.

Lavender Vape Pen

The Lavender Vape Pen is an award-winning stress-relieving Ignite CBD vape pen.

It is made of all natural hemp and releases about 1 mg of CBD with every puff.

The vape juice used to make this pen is made entirely of natural ingredients such as hemp-derived CBD and coconut oil.

It has got no THC, no pesticides and no gluten.

It is definitely perfect for people looking for high-end but inexpensive oils and pens.


IGNITE CBD is a new brand. It was founded not so long ago by a famous American entrepreneur and social media personality by the name Dan Bilzerian. The mission of the company is to create superior quality cannabis products for the high-end niche market. However, the company has managed to create better quality but at cheaper prices and is, therefore, able to sell its 5-star oils and vape pens at lower than premium prices. We recommend IGNITE for those who are looking for great quality cannabidiol oil at affordable prices.

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