Verified CBD Review – Oil, Gummies, Spray, Capsules

Verified CBD is one of the pioneer CBD oil manufacturing companies. It was founded in 2014 and has been making quality products ever since. The thing that distinguishes this company from other companies in the industry is the fact that it focuses on making pure, natural, and superior quality products. It uses state-of-the-art scientific and manufacturing equipment to do this.

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Where Is The Company Located?

Verified CBD has its processing facilities in the State of Florida (USA). This means that you can expect them to hold themselves to higher quality standards than companies located in other countries. Indeed, this is already the case as it is evident in the facts that the company only sources its hemp from licensed organic growers, and that it strictly follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system to guarantee the quality of its products.

Quality And Variety Of Products

As mentioned in the introduction, this brand has been making CBD products since 2014. In the four years that Verified CBD has been in business, the brand has sold its products to nearly 80,000 customers. The majority of these customers highly rate the company’s products, especially their efficacy in treating conditions such as chronic pain, sleeplessness, and stress and anxiety.

The high-level of efficancy of  their products is a result of the rigorous pharmaceutical testing for potency and safety that every product from the company is subjected to before being released to the market.

Verified CBD has a great variety of products. Some of the products sold by the company include:

  • Natural Flavor CBD Oil
  • Capsules
  • Weight Loss Spray
  • Anti-Anxiety and Stress Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Anti-Aging cream
  • Hemp Intensive Pain Rub
  • Gummies
  • Vape Oil
  • Dog Treats

As it is clear from this list, this brand has different products for different conditions besides the general natural CBD oil.

Based on the facts about them (that we have reviewed), it appears that it is a good brand that is making good quality products. Read on to find out more about it.

Company Summary

  • Company name: MB Premium Health Labs
  • Date of establishment: 2014
  • Country: The United States
  • Source of CBD: Kentucky hemp
  • Variety of Products: Very good (10/10)
  • Overall rating: Excellent (9.5/10)
  • Ships CBD products to: All 50 states and all countries where they are legal

Why Buy Verified CBD Products?

  • Uses natural American hemp to make its products
  • Its products are made from legal hemp that only has negligible amounts of THC and therefore cannot intoxicate or be detected in marijuana tests
  • The company uses state-of-the-art scientific and manufacturing equipment to process its products
  • They do quality verification tests on sample products from every batch to ensure quality
  • The company maintains a very high purity level compared to other companies
  • Direct manufacturer, not a broker or private labeler
  • Ships worldwide to all countries where CBD is legal
  • Has a great wide variety of products
  • The products are sold at relatively affordable prices

Why You May Not Want To Consider This Brand?

  • Its natural oils taste bitter for some people
  • Its weight loss spray is not worth it if you want very fast results
  • USA shipments are okay but worldwide shipments may take up to 10 working days

How To Save When Buying Their Products?

Unfortunately, they do not offer coupon discounts as other CBD companies regularly do. Nevertheless, the brand does offer other types of discounts. For instance, buyers can save money by ordering a monthly supply of one, two, three, or four bottles. A monthly subscription, as opposed to a one-time purchase, qualifies for a 5% discount.

They also offer quantity discounts; the more units you purchase, the higher your discount. However, you can only purchase a maximum of four units at a time.

With these discounts, customers can save good money when getting pure and natural products from this brand.

The Best-Selling Products

CBD Oil 750 mg 1oz

This is the brand’s best-selling product. It is a medium-strength natural CBD oil that delivers about 15 milligrams of cannabinoids with every serving.

It has got a good level of purity like other products from this company.

It is made of USA hemp and its quality and safety are verified.

It is the perfect formulation for CBD newbies who are suffering from chronic pain or stress and anxiety. This should, however, not be misconstrued as medical advice. Always seek medical advice from medical professionals.

CBD Sleep Spray

This is an oral spray that is pure and scientifically verified to be effective.

It is made of a special formula of natural cannabinoids and Valerian root to help your body relax completely for a better quality shut-eye.

It is a product that works very quickly.

What People Are Saying About The Brand?

A quick look at reviews online will reveal to you that about 90% of the people who have used this product recommend it highly. This is a very good number. Most of the people who recommend the brand talk about how it has helped them to treat conditions such as chronic pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. So if you are suffering from any of these conditions, you should probably try out this brand’s products to get the relief you’ve been looking for.

Final Thoughts

Verified CBD is a great manufacturer that makes decent quality products. The company calls itself Verified CBD for a reason: it makes pure, natural and verified CBD. Everything about this company is perfect. It sources good hemp from Kentucky. It uses GMP guidelines for processing. And then it verifies the quality of its products using pharmaceutical-grade scientific equipment.

The product variety is also very good; there is a specific product for almost every ailment. Last but not least, their products are relatively affordable when compared to products of the same quality and potency.

In summary, this is a great company and we can’t recommend it enough.

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