Avoiding The Cravings

Ever wonder why we still crave for something despite having a heavy breakfast or lunch, which makes it hard for us to stick to a strict diet plan and exercise? While the stomach signals your brain when it’s hungry, the latter is the one responsible for controlling cravings for specific type of foods. The good thing is, there are ways you can put a safety lock on these triggers and bypass impending diet disasters.

Drink plenty of water

One of the most mistaken hunger pangs is actually thirst. What we thought was the feeling of being hungry, is actually the body’s way of saying that it’s dehydrated and needs water. As a start, you can always make it a habit to drink a glass of water each time the hunger pang kicks in. Afterwards, you will notice the decrease in your food intake.

Pinch yourself

By pinching yourself, we mean pinching your earlobes or nostrils for at least ten seconds to let the cravings pass. These actually acupressure points which have been used by the Chinese since ancient times. No wonder you don’t see much of Chinese who are overweight.

Use brighter lights

Using brighter lights in the dining area or in places where you usually hang out can also help suppress cravings. Whether it’s in the living room or your room, it’s better if you light the area up to avoid unnecessary binging. Dim lights are effective in lowering inhibitions of different kinds, including unnecessary cravings.

Limit negotiations of coffee

When doing business, it’s better if you do it over coffee instead of a meal because you will tend to reach out for munchies during discussions that are intense. Whether it’s breaking up with your significant other or negotiating for a big business deal, you can do it while eating salad or wait until the main course is served.

Keep your hands away from food

Manufacturers have used the statistics that there is an increase in chance of purchasing things once consumers touch it. This is one reason why a lot of them use cool and colourful package for the worst foods for the body, so you won’t have second thoughts on reaching out to it. So the next time you’re doing the grocery, practice the discipline of avoiding the junk food aisles.

Think healthy and fit, not thin

One of the secrets of successful long term weight loss is shifting your goals from wanting a thinner body, to aiming to be healthy and fit. Once you shift your motives to the latter, chances are you can maintain the weight in the long run.

It is true that there are also reasons for specific cravings so when you feel like reaching for salty or sweet foods, you can look up what your body is lacking so you could deal with the cravings healthily. Once you start avoiding eating munchies and unnecessary carbs, it will be easier for you to lose more weight and practice a more disciplined diet.

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