Calorie Counting And Snacking

Maybe it’s hard to believe but eating snacks can actually help your calorie – counting techniques of losing weight more effective. However, this depends on the snacks you reach out for. Just make sure you’re choosing healthy snacks so you will be successful with your diet.

Going on too long without having anything to eat will make you feel famished and eat more than you usually would if you have gone for a snack. If you tend to starve yourself, chances are you will overcompensate for the lack of food in your next meal. So opt for a 120 – calorie snack than consume 800 calories of dinner later.

Rules to follow

If you really want to make it count and help your calorie counting more effective, below are just some of the rules you may want to consider following.

1. Take note of the calories in your snacks

If you’re doing calorie counting, make sure that you also include those that are in the snacks you have eaten. Seems easy, right? But keeping track of everything, even from those five pretzels or nuts you’ve had, can be a real challenge.

2. Choose well

Eating snacks in between meals doesn’t necessarily mean you have the liberty of choosing just anything, because you would still need to find diet – friendly and healthy options to make this strategy work.

3. Plan ahead

No one knows yourself better than you and this is something that you could use to plan your snacks ahead of time. Knowing when to anticipate hunger pangs and planning your snacks ahead will make it easier for you to control your hunger pangs when it strikes.

Best snacks to have

Nutritionists suggest to go for snacks with a bit of carbohydrates, fat, and some protein. This mix will help keep hunger pangs at bay and make the body use calories smartly. Some of the food you may want to include in your snack box are yogurt topped with fruits, small handful of mixed nuts, or low fat cottage cheese. If you have enough greens in your fridge, you can make your own salad with sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, cottage cheese, and topped with salad dressing that’s low fat.

If you don’t have the time to prepare your snacks or go to the grocery to buy healthy options, there are snacks that you can choose from in the vending machine. Instead of starving yourself, place that dollar in the machine and press the button for a granola bar and a bottle of water. If there’s no healthy bars in the choices, make sure that you avoid chips and go for pretzels instead.

Chocolate can also be tempting, so muster all your discipline to avoid it at all costs. Eating foods with high sugar content won’t help in holding off hunger for a long time. Remember that calorie counting is all about keeping track of the food you eat and making the right and healthy food choices can make a big difference in your diet.

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