Detox Can Help The Body

There are times that the feeling of sluggishness and being out of sync of your body is caused by too much toxins in the body. So are skin problems, body pains, muscle aches, and even digestive problems. Detoxifying has been a natural process since the early centuries, and it usually involves cleaning the body inside and out.

How it works

Detoxification basically means cleaning the blood by removing impurities in the liver, through the intestines, lungs, kidneys, and skins. However, failure to detoxify properly will cause improper filtering of the impurities, which can adversely affect the cells of the body.

Choosing the right detox program can promote natural body cleansing by resting the organs, stimulating of liver to eliminate toxins from the system, and promote proper functioning of kidneys, intestines and skin to remove impurities effectively. Doing detox properly can also help improve blood circulation and refuel the body with the nutrients that every cell needs.

When is it the right time to detoxify

Experts suggest that everyone should perform detox once every year, especially since more and more toxins are being introduced into the environment nowadays. However, nursing mothers, patients and children suffering from chronic degenerative diseases, tuberculosis, and cancer, should first consult with their physicians if detox is suitable for you.

If you’re already experiencing symptoms such as sluggishness, constant fatigue, allergies, irritated skin, puffy eyes, bloating and infection, then maybe it’s about time that you consider your options in detox.

How to start a program

There are easy ways to start a detox program and the first step that you need to take is by decreasing toxin intake. You can do this by eliminating coffee, alcohol, nicotine, saturated fats, and refined sugar from your diet and daily habit. These are harmful to the body and can be a hindrance to your system’s healing process. It will also be wise to minimize your use of health care products and household cleaners that are chemical based, as you can always opt for natural alternatives.

You may also want to avoid stress as much as possible, as it can release hormones that can be deterrent to your health. Although, in small amounts, these hormones will give you the adrenaline rush that you need to deal with stress, it can be toxic in large amounts and affect your liver’s capability to produce detoxification enzymes.

Deciding which one is right for you

There are many programs and recipes out there that you can choose from and will definitely suit your needs. Usually, these detox diets are designed to be followed for 7 days, as it’s usually that period the body needs to cleanse. Some detox diets that you may want to try, including smoothie cleanse, veggie and fruit detox, sugar detox, juice cleansing, and hypoallergenic detox diet.

After following a program, remember to maintain a healthy diet by eating plenty of fiber, fresh fruits, and even brown rice. Don’t forget to get enough sleep every night and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from the body even when you’re not on a detox program.

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