Effective Weight Loss Tips

1. Keep a Food Diary

Studies show that people writing down what they’ve eaten for the week eat 15 percent less than people who don’t keep a food diary. However, despite keeping track of what you eat, there are still some who can’t control their diet on the weekends and in fact, consume 115 calories more on a weekend. As much as possible, cut down on dressings, spreads, condiments, sauces, and drinks, as it can make a difference on gaining weight and losing it.

2. Increase your calorie budget

This doesn’t mean adding another 250 calorie from your food intake but rather, adding 10 percent to what you think you’re consuming on a daily basis. If you’ve allotted a budget of 1500 calories per day and you’re still gaining weight, add 150 more calories to your estimate so you could make adjustments to your eating habits.

3. Do it with an online diet buddy

Having an online diet buddy makes it easier to lose weight and the follow through much more manageable. This is backed up with a study conducted in the University of Vermont, where they’ve proven that an online weight loss buddy help keeps the weight off. They asked for volunteers whom they followed for a year and a half. Those who were assigned a weight maintenance program on the internet did better and sustained losing weight compared to volunteers who are under a face – to – face support group.

4. Have a mantra

Keeping positive and believing that you’re going to lose weight can help a lot for you to achieve your goals. However, focusing on stuff you think you can’t do like exercising everyday or resisting fattening food, won’t help you get through them. Instead, why not try repeating positive thoughts such as “I will lose weight”, or “I will resist that extra cake for dinner”. If you keep on repeating these thoughts, it will be easier to make them true and put them into practice.

5. Stick to water

We’re all used to reaching for a glass of orange juice or a mug of hot coffee after eating breakfast. That’s acceptable but throughout the rest of the day, it’s more advisable to stick to water instead of drinking soda or juice after a meal. In America, a person consumes an extra 250 calories on an average, from sweetened and carbonated drinks. If you sum it up, that’s almost 90,000 calories annually or 25 pounds a year. Besides, studies also show that sugary drinks can’t give a sense of fullness compared to what food can.

6. Eat less than what you usually consume

You can easily reduce your calorie intake by avoiding that extra glass of juice or by eating one less sugary treat per day. Although it doesn’t sound much, doing these things can help you save to as much as 100 calories everyday. Looking at it at a much bigger picture, this actually means preventing you from gaining two pounds every year, which is a trivial matter for most people.

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