Foods That Are Natural Fat Burners

Losing weight and burning fat is a big challenge for most people, especially if they’re not doing it right. Even if they spend more time at the gym just to sweat it out, they won’t be able to shed off those excess pounds if they don’t eat the right foods. If you want to burn those excess fats faster and more naturally, below is a list of foods that are known as natural fat burners.


Ever wondered why you can’t avoid that morning snack even if you had a heavy breakfast earlier? It’s because of the sudden dip of blood sugar levels in the body. To keep this from happening, you can opt for fiber – rich oatmeal for breakfast, since it can stay in the stomach longer and keep you from reaching out to that sugary piece of donut. However, make sure that you choose only the plain kind of oatmeal and if you like it sweet, you can always add fruits like berries or natural honey.


The secret with nuts is it helps keeping the tummy slim by always keeping it full. There are even studies showing that people who eat more nuts felt full for a longer time, compared to those who prefer eating rice cakes. With just 24 pieces of almonds, you can satisfy any hunger pangs without the excess calories. Just avoid salted nuts, at all costs, since they can raise the blood pressure.

Protein Powder

Contrary to common belief, protein powder isn’t only for muscle builders. It contains the necessary amino acids that can help burn excess fats and build the muscles. All you need to do is add at least two teaspoons to your smoothie. Don’t worry. Protein powder is easy to find too. Majority of health food stores offer different brands at an affordable price, too. However, make sure that your smoothie is made from low fat milk, natural yogurt, or fresh fruits, as adding the protein powder to sugar – based smoothies won’t make any difference at all.

Olive Oil

A little amount of fat is needed by the body to control hunger pangs. But remember to opt for monunsaturated fats such as canola or olive oil, so you can still keep cholesterol levels under control, while satisfying your cravings.


We all need fiber to aid the body’s digestion ad make sure we release toxins from the body. Who would believe that we can get it from berries? As small as they are, they pack in a lot of fiber, which can supply the body the amount that it needs. In fact, a cup of berries can provide to as much as six grams of fiber.Just make sure that you avoid berry jams as it contains a lot of sugar and little fiber.

Exercise, together with proper diet, can make fat burning easier and more manageable. Always opt for healthy options and avoid junk foods at all times, and you’ll notice the difference in your weight and muscle building in no time.

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