How to Fight Off Aging

Aging is one of the hardest battles we all have to face sooner or later. While some can accept the inevitable, there are also people who want to fight it off as much as possible and still get that youthful radiant they don’t want to lose. Well the good thing is, there are simple steps that you can do to avoid that unsightly wrinkles and lines.

Always start with primer

Laugh lines are hard to prevent so if you’re old enough to get them, you can still enjoy a fresher and younger look by changing your skin care regimen. As we age, the skin gets thin and dry and the beauty products you’ve been using for a decade may not work the same way. To get better results, always use a skin primer. If you have enough budget, you can always get a high quality skin primer to fill in even the smalles wrinkles on your face.

Avoid thick foundation           

Back when you still had smoother skin, it was okay to slather foundation all over your face. Now that you’ve aged, applying foundation directly will only add more years to your look as the thick top coat will break into the deep cracks of your wrinkles, making them look more visible.

Avoid doing clown eyes

Flattering eye makeup requires talent and precision to achieve. In aging, the skin isn’t the only part of the body that gets compromised, but the eyesight as well. As it deteriorates, applying makeup on the eyes may be turn into a challenge. If you don’t do it correctly, it may lead to applying more eye makeup than necessary or crooked eyeliner.

Draw on some eyebrows

The eyebrows frame the face and unfortunately as you grow older, the brows grow grayer and thinner. To make the face look younger, use an eyebrow pencil that as much as possible, complements the color of your hair. To make it stay put and last longer, put powder over the drawn eyebrows.

Whiten your teeth

The teeth naturally gets stained because of what we eat and drink. To help you look younger, use whitening toothpasts that are effective in removing surface stains. Doing so will make your teeth look one shade lighter and whiter. If you’re not satisfied, you can also use whitening strips or gels that are peroxide based, to bleach the teeth enamel so you would get your tooth’s natural color. You can also ask your dentist if he or she offers treatments to make your teeth whiter in just a few sessions.

Aging is inevitable but there are ways to fight it. Besides doing a regular skin regimen, you can also try simple beauty tricks, as stated above, that can help you look younger than your age. But if you’re still at an age where drastic aging can still be prevented, you can start by making sure you drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated at all times. Keep in mind that moisturizing is always the key to keep a young looking skin, so don’t forget to apply moisturizer before slathering on some makeup and before going to bed.

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