How To Get Rid Of A Cough

There is nothing that is more disruptive than a cough. Uncontrollable coughs can, not only make you feel awful, they can drain all of your energy. Often due to colds, flu or allergies, coughs can cause inflammation and irritation to your airway. Making matters worse, a cough normally gets worse at night making it difficult to sleep. Since rest is needed to feel better, it is a cycle that can lead to feeling miserable. Whatever the reason for your cough, the cures are the same. Calming the throat and the respiratory system is a way to get rid of a cough.

 Coughs can tax the entire body from head to toe, causing sore muscles and aches. There are many methods to curing a cough, some natural, some pharmaceutical. The one that will work best for you is going to be trial and error. Try these 14 cures for a cough.

14 cures for a cough


Honey is a great way to calm down the throat and respiratory system. Having natural antibiotic properties, it can also help to cure whatever is causing your cough. Helping to decrease inflammation that can either be the source or the result of your cough, adding just a teaspoon to your favorite warm drink can help to give you some relief. There are also natural honey lozenges that you can buy at health food stores which help to relieve the irritation that is leading to your cough.

Tea, coffee or other warm liquids

If you want to calm down your respiratory cough and soothe the irritation caused by one, drink warm liquids. The warm liquids help to decrease inflammation and irritation that is leading to your cough. Teas, coffees or other warm liquids can instantly make your cough better and help you to get some relief. Add some honey and get the dual effect for some real efficacy.


To relax your respiratory system, open up your nasal passages and cure any post nasal drip that can be causing your cough, hold your head over some steam. Heat a pot of water on the stove and hold your head over it. Draping a towel over your head, breathe in the steam for 5 to 10 minutes. The cough should subside immediately.

Salt water or saline

Salt water and saline are an excellent panacea for inflammation and soreness. The greatest soothing properties you can get, add a teaspoon of sea salt to a cup of warm water and gargle for 3 to five minutes. For additional benefit, put a few drops into your nasal passages. It will stop any post nasal drip and help to squash any viruses or bacterial agents that are causing the irritation.


When your respiratory system is dry, your mucus membrane will swell in response. That can cause your irritation that leads to coughing and sore throats. When the cold weather seeps in, the heat causes dryness in the air. Make sure to humidify the air in your home to make your coughing cease. Having a humidifier while you sleep will also help to calm your cough and allow you to get some rest.


The key to staving off a cough is to stay hydrated. Making sure to get enough fluids, especially when ill or during the cold winter months, is the key to curing a cough. Drink enough liquids to maintain good hydration and keep your respiratory system moist and less irritated.


Menthol is a great analgesic to cure a cough. You can add menthol to a humidifier or suck on lozenges that have it as an ingredient. Using both modes is excellent to cure a persistent cough. Soothing a sore throat or nasal passages, it helps to decrease inflammation and irritation which is the source of most uncontrollable coughs.


Coughs that are caused by the irritation of post nasal drip can be cured by taking a decongestant. Decongestants work by drying up the mucus that is irritating your nose and your throat. Calming it all done, a good decongestant can take care of all your respiratory irritation and calm a cough.


Peppermint is not only an anti-inflammatory it helps to soothe a dry or irritated respiratory system. Working by numbing the throat and calming down the respiratory system, it helps to relax a cough and provide relief. Add Peppermint to your tea or favorite warm liquid for some instantaneous relief.


Eucalyptus is an excellent ingredient to open up nasal passages and provide relief from inflammation. Add it to your humidifier to give you extra relief at night. By opening up your nasal passages, it helps to relieve the irritants in the respiratory system that is leading to your cough. It is also a main ingredient in many over the counter lozenges.


Marshmallows are a great way to soothe a cough. They work by coating the throat and giving relief to the respiratory system. The coating allows the mucus membranes to begin to heal, taking away the inflammation that is keeping them irritated and raw.


Anise is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries to cure coughs. It helps to open up the bronchial membranes which may become constricted due to irritation. That is the cause of most coughs. Working as an expectorant, it also helps to expel an overproduction of mucus that can clog the reparatory system and cause inflammation.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup can help to calm a cough. Not only a warm liquid, chicken soup has been shown to have medicinal effects on the body. There are natural properties to chicken broth that help to soothe the symptoms of colds and flu, among those, are irritation leading to a cough.

Stay hydrated

When you are dehydrated, the bronchial tissue will become inflamed leading to coughing. To stay cough-free make sure to drink enough liquids. Not only is that important when you are sick, but so too when the cold weather causes the heat to dry out our living spaces. Drinking just a glass or two more of water will help either cure or prevent, a cough.

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