How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

We all have dandruff, although not all of us have it to the degree that it can be detected. There are some of us for which dandruff can be a problem. Leaving the unsightly telltale white flakes in its wake, it can give the wrong impression that someone doesn’t care for themselves appropriately. The causes of dandruff have nothing to do with how well someone cares for themselves, or how clean they are. Unfortunately, it is not only something that can embarrass you, it is something that can be very disruptive and uncomfortable.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is nothing more than the dead skin layers of the scalp that flake off. It is a very common condition that can range from barely noticeable to embarrassing. The problem with dandruff is, in most cases, there is nothing that you can do to prevent it. If a person has only a mild case, any extra conditioning shampoo should be able to curb it from being noticed. If someone has a very severe case, special medical conditioning shampoo may be necessary.

How to get rid of dandruff

The ways that you get rid of dandruff are often counter to the ways that you may assume. Discontinuing to wash your hair, or lessening the frequency of washing it, will not make it better. In fact, those things that people usually do to solve the problem end up making it worse.

11 Natural cures

1. Using tea tree oil as an antiseptic, it also works like an anti-fungal and an antibiotic. It helps to soothe the skin too. Tree tea potential has been a promising new treatment not just for dandruff but for psoriasis as well.

2. Using coconut oil is a great way to enhance the natural oils at the surface of your skin. Before you are ready for a shower, massage the oil into your scalp then shampoo as you normally would. You can also seek out a shampoo that contains coconut oil, as they are becoming more popular.

3. An aspirin is not only good to get rid of a headache; it also aids in dandruff prevention. Crush up some aspirin to a fine powder. Mix it with shampoo and apply it to the scalp. Let it sit for a minimum of two to five minutes.

4. Apple cider vinegar can help change the pH of the skin on your scalp. Mix one-quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a quart of water and spritz it on the hair with a water bottle. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes to an hour before rinsing. Twice a week should improve the condition.

5. Baking soda not only takes away the odors in your refrigerator it can also help you fight dandruff. Use it instead of shampoo, it will eradicate any fungi at the scalp and will enhance the natural oils of your skin that fight dandruff.

6. Mouthwash applied to your hair may seem ridiculous, but it contains a great amount of anti-fungal properties. Follow your shampoo up with an alcohol-based mouthwash and then rinse to make a real difference.

7. Lemon not only lightens the color of your hair, it can halt the white flakes that can fall from it. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with a cup of water and use it as a rinse after shampooing.

8. Aloe Vera can help to cool and calm the skin of the scalp that can help calm down the production of dandruff.

9. Salt is a great massage tool to scrub away the layers of the skin on your scalp that lead to dandruff. Go ahead and grab the salt shaker. After you are done rubbing it into your skin, make sure to shampoo and rinse.

10. Garlic is an excellent anti-fungal that also fights bacteria. If you want to curb the smell, you can add honey to it before massaging it on the scalp. After you finish with the application make sure to shampoo thoroughly to remove the smell.

11. Olive oil is not only good for your heart; it is an excellent way to do away with dandruff. Use it by massaging it into your scalp and shampoo as you normally would. It will help to release the built-up layers of dead skin which can lead to flaking

Over the counter remedies

There are times when people get dandruff because they are sensitive to yeast. If you are someone who has dandruff for that reason, using a topical anti-fungal will often lessen the occurrence of dandruff.

Using a shampoo that has an anti-fungal in the ingredients is a great way to not only do away with dandruff, but to curb the itching that is associated with it. There are many active ingredients in shampoos that you should look for if you are trying to halt the effects of dandruff. Zinc pyrithione will help to slow down production of yeast while selenium sulphide will aid to curb the production of oils from the glands of your skin.

Coal tar is another effective ingredient. It is an anti-fungal, but 100% natural. That makes it an ingredient that you can use for both young children and the elderly without incidence. Ketoconazole is also an anti-fungal, although not natural, it is safe for all populations.

Salicylic acids are present in acne treatments. They are also effective for dandruff because they can slow down the way in which skin cells replicate and the speed of it. Not appropriate for everyone, there are some people who find that it dries the skin to a degree that makes the scalp more dry and itchy.

What works best for one individual may not work for everyone. The treatment is going to be effective only if it targets the reason someone has dandruff. Sometimes it may take a little trial and error to find the right mix of ingredients to work. If you are unable to find relief with over the counter products, a dermatologist may be able to prescribe a more potent form of control.

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