How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is one of the grossest things that you can get. Not harmful unless it gets out of control, it can be very irritating and cause significant discomfort. The worst part about it is that it is highly contagious. Most people, who have it, are completely unaware until it gets to the point where it is really noticeable. Symptomatic far before that time, spreading it from person to person is very simple. An infection of the eye, the telltale sign that you have it, is a pink eye that has a lot of drainage.

Before you go through the expense of making a doctor’s appointment and getting an antibiotic, there are some other effective cures that work just as well. If you notice that you are having an excessive amount of drainage from your tear ducts, try these easy cures.

13 ways to get rid of pink eye

1. Honey

This little sweet concoction has long been known as an antibacterial agent. Working often better than the eye drops prescribed to rid your eye of infection, real scientific studies have demonstrated its effectiveness. If you want to try honey, it is as simple as mixing raw honey with water and adding a pinch of salt. Dissolve honey and sea salt into water over a boiling pot. Make sure that the water that you are using is either distilled, filtered or that it has gone through reverse osmosis. Once you have let the mixture cool completely, apply with a sterile dropper. Place one to two drops of the solution into each eye every hour or two.

2. Breast milk

I know you are thinking yuck, but this is really a cure that works. Breast milk has been shown to cure everything from pink eye to cancerous tumors. Simply apply a drop or two of breast milk to the affected eye five times a day until the infection is cleared.

3. Colloidal silver

Not just a panacea for scrapes and burns, colloidal silver also has properties for curing pink eye. Silver nitrate is a solution that results from mixing pure silver with nitric acid. You can apply 1-2 drops into the eye several times a day for the best results.

4. Saline or salt water

Saline has known properties for healing and killing bacteria. To cure pink eye simply wash the infected eye with saline or salt water. Rinsing a couple of times a day should help to clear up any infection that is growing, including pink eye.

The best way to cure pink eye is to prevent it

5. Dont share makeup

Bacteria spread through things that touch the eye. That is why it is best not to share makeup, especially those that touch the eye such as mascara or eyeliner. Always use only your own makeup to prevent yourself from getting any infection, especially pink eye.

6. Contact lenses

Not only should you never share contact lenses, if you do have pink eye, make sure not to use an infected contact lens without sanitizing it. Once you have gotten rid of the infection, it is highly possible to reinfect your eye. It is also a good idea to dispose of any eye makeup used while you had an eye infection, whether it is pink eye or another type.

7. Beef-up on Vitamin A

If you are deficient in Vitamin A, then catching and keeping pink eye is not only easy, it is highly probable. To stop from contracting infections easily, beef-up on your Vitamin A. It promotes eye health and can actually stop pink eye from forming.

8. Tea bags

Some people swear by the effectiveness of tea bags. A seeping black tea bag is the best way to cure pink eye. Place a black tea bag into hot water and allow it to begin to seep. Once it has been sitting for just a bit, take it out and cool it. Take the entire tea bag and apply it directly to the eye for best results. Keep the tea bag on the eye for more than 15 minutes for 3-4 times a day until the infection is gone.

9. Clean frequently

Make sure to wash the infected eye, never touching it to your hands. Use a clean washcloth and wipe the eye from the inside corner outwards. If it is something you can clear up without medicine, you will know quickly by the response or lack of response, from keeping it sanitary and clean.

10. Over the counter products

Use over-the-counter saline drops to see if they will work to clear up the infection. If it is something as simple as allergies, using eye drops is a great way to decide whether it is time to see a doctor, or it is just an allergic reaction.

11. Use a cold or warm compress

Apply either a cold or warm compress to the eye with a towel to help with the drainage. Salt water is a great thing to include in the warm compress to aid the healing process. Not only will it help with the inflammation, it will help to make it feel better.

12. Wash hands thoroughly

Before you touch anything, especially someone else or your other eye, make sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. During the infection, also don’t apply any makeup to the eye or irritants that will make it drain more.

13. See a doctor

If you are unable to clear the infection up on your own, you may have to turn to the doctors for prescription medications. There are antibiotics that come in both liquids and a cream formula. The one, that you will be prescribed is dependent upon the doctor. As with any antibiotic medication make sure that you take the entire course. Often people start to feel better and think that it is okay to cut the regimen short. That allows time for the infection to gain strength and to return with vengeance. If pink eye is caused by a virus instead of a bacteria, then it is just a matter of waiting it out.

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