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If you are considering supplementation to improve your health, lose weight, or to turn back the cruelty of time you have probably come across something called “HCG.” HCG is a hormone that, up until recently, has been linked to reproduction issues in women. It is a hormone that is responsible for the development and stimulation of eggs in the ovaries during ovulation. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and has all sorts of uses for unlabeled conditions. The most promising one is weight loss.

There are many HCG proponents that claim that going on an HCG diet can result in as many as one pound a day. Those against the diet caution that experimenting with HCG is not a good idea and can result in harmful side effects and consequences. The makers of the HCG diet arguably created a diet that is complex and has strict guidelines for when the medication can be taken and how much should be ingested. Since there is no consensus from the medical field, it is difficult to know what is safe and what is not.

Those who oppose the HCG diet say that the reason for the extreme weight loss is due to the severe calorie restrictions. Most diets recommend a combination of HCG shots or drops along with a diet of from 500-1500 calories depending on the individual and their goals. Due to the huge restriction, there are many who insist that the weight loss is due to the cut in calories, not anything that is relative to the hormone supplement HCG. Since HCG has not been approved for weight loss, and it is still a prescription medication, those who sell it without a script are doing so illegally.

What is the theory behind how real HCG drops work?

The problem with the results seen with the HCG diet is that there are very few reasons that the HCG would work to create weight loss. HCG is the hormone that is present in pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her body produces HCG, which is responsible for the development of the fetus. There are two ways that HCG works in pregnancy. The first is that it is responsible for assigning either the male or the female sex trait. The other thing that it does is to ensure that not only the mother, but also the fetus, can maintain the correct amount of calories and nutrients to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

The way that the body can ensure the second function is that it stimulates the hypothalamus to trigger the body to release fat stores in the bloodstream so that it can be burned for energy. Fat stores are difficult for people to target during weight loss. The body works by first burning the available calories for energy. When that runs out, the fat stores are triggered. Most people do not have the stamina, especially when overweight or when continually overeating, to get to the point where the body is burning fat stores. That is what makes the promise of HCG triggering the brain to target fat, such a desirable process. Even if a woman is not pregnant, HCG will trigger the body to release energy from the fat stores into the blood stream to sustain more energy. That is why it can help some lose weight so miraculously.

Why do you have to cut the calories so drastically if real HCG drops work so effectively?

There are many opponents to the diet that throw up the red flag to the fact that you have to cut calories to 500 per day. The thing that negates the harm of cutting calories is that it is only for the first week or two. Once those initial weeks are behind you, you can return to a normal diet. It is during those first couple of weeks, where you have to aid the body to burn fat stores. If you have an abundance of energy from overeating, the body will never get to burn those fat stores that are so difficult to get to. By dropping your caloric intake, you are expediting the ability of the body to reach those stores and to begin to burn them quickly and immediately.

The argument against real HCG drops debunked

Those who oppose using HCG hormones to lose weight do so because they say that the reason for the extreme weight loss is that the calories are being cut so dramatically. What they fail to mention is that when you cut calories in any other diet to those levels, within a couple of days, your body will compensate and go into “starvation” mode. When that happens, you hit something called a plateau. There is no reported plateau for the HGC drop diet. The key to knowing that it is effective is that the circumstances for starvation diets and the HCG are very different.

There are also those who insist that the weight loss won’t last. When professionals can’t deny the fact that it works so effectively, they go about the fight from another stance. Knowing that it works well, they switch gears and claim that the weight comes right back on after the diet is ceased. Although there have been many incidence of rapid weight loss that is followed by gaining it back, that is only in those who return to their regular diet. Once the weight loss is done, they go back to eating the same amount. That is the reason for the weight loss return, not anything inherent in the diet itself.

If you use real HCG drops and obtain the weight loss goals that you set out to, that does not mean that you can return to eating the way that you are accustomed to. As you gradually begin to increase your caloric intake you have to be sensible about it. There is a reason that you gained the weight that you did, through a combination of poor eating habits and most likely very little activity. To maintain your weight loss, you have to cut your calories and change your behaviors. HCG is an excellent tool to lose weight, but it is just that, a tool. You can’t stay on the HCG drops indefinitely. There comes a point where you have to take control of your healthy weight management.

What are the results that people have seen taking HCG drops?

There is no denying that those who follow the restrictions and instructions of the dietary plan show a marked reduction of weight. The typical weight loss is close to one pound a day. That can make a significant impact on your weight loss goals. Those who were studied while taking HCG drops reported having a reduced feeling of hunger throughout the day. When the HCG is in the blood stream, it has a tendency to make you feel nauseous or full. Just like in the early stages of pregnancy, when taking HCG drops it is not unlikely to not be hungry or to have a stomach that isn’t willing to overeat.

Most of the causes for weight gain, specifically in women, is due to hormonal imbalance. There are many women who have no idea that their failed weight loss attempts have nothing to do with their will power. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing they can do, or can they? HCG drops work to balance the hormones of those who are experiencing imbalances that lead to weight loss. If your weight gain is due to hormonal issues, HCG drops can be the miracle cure to halting the gain and reversing it.

How HCG gets past the starvation and muscle loss problem

HCG also works by increasing the lean muscle mass in the women who take it. Because it elevates the hormone levels of testosterone, it works to counter muscle breakdown by rebuilding it. In the anabolic state that HCG drops promotes, your muscle mass is increased. Studies show that the metabolism is guided by the amount of lean muscle mass in the body. Because HCG drops increases lean muscle, it speeds up the metabolism and helps to burn fat at a quicker rate.

If you choose to go on the HCG drops diet then you are required to cut your calories to the point where you are in starvation mode. In normal circumstances, during the time when you aren’t feeding your muscle mass what it needs, there is normally muscle loss. The HCG drops diet works by increasing your lean muscle mass and fighting off the potential for muscle loss when eating close to nothing.

What is the correct amount of HCG drops

The amount is one of the most debatable issues relating to the supplementation of HCG drops. There is no way to achieve any real consistency when you take HCG drops. Since the drops have to be digested, there is no way to ensure that you are getting the appropriate amount for optimal health and weight loss. That is a reason for some of the controversy surrounding the use of it for weight loss. There is no way to estimate how much a woman needs for optimal results. There hasn’t been much investigation concerning the amount or how to determine it. The strength of drops versus shots is different, so to make general guidelines becomes problematic. The best way to estimate how many HCG drops you need, is to start at the minimum and build until you see the results you desire.

Are HCG drops right for you?

There are some who do well with HCG drops, and then there are those who prefer HCG shots. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of HCG shots is that they deliver a more reliable amount of HCG since it does not have to go through the GI tract, or through digestion. That means you get a more consistent amount and know how much you are getting. If you get a pure source of HCG, that makes it more likely that you will see the results that you want.

The disadvantages of shots and advantages of HCG drops is that there is no risk of infection at the injection site. Because the shots are self-administered, you run the risk of developing an infection at the injection site. You don’t have to worry about that with the drops. Although the amount that you are ingesting with HCG may be less reliable, there is no risk for digesting them.

Are there any side effects to using HCG drops?

Obviously like anything that you ingest, there are going to be some side effects associated. The good news is that they are most often nothing but bothersome. Side effects of using HCG involve things such as digestive problems, gas, bloating, hot flashes, moodiness, dizziness, fluid retention, fatigue, and irritability. Like anything else, you should seek the advice of a medical clinician if you have any predisposing conditions. Do not take HCG drops if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. HCG can be transmitted through breast milk and is not safe for babies.


If you want to lose significant weight in a short amount of time, real HCG drops may be the magic bullet. A diet that involves severe calorie restriction, it only lasts for a couple of weeks, but the results are ones that can change your entire life. HCG works to help the body burn those troublesome fat stores that are so hard to target. With very little side effects for use, it makes sense to give it a try. After all, what do you have to lose but those pounds that are keeping you unhappy? HCG has been proven to help people find the weight loss that they can’t get with other diet plans. If you are ready to let the real you shine, HCG drops may be the solution to your dreams. The key is to find the amount and type of administration that is best for you, but HCG drops are the best alternative to use with the least risk.

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